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2 February 2015: Contest begins

14 May 2015: Final deadline for uploads

20 May 2015: voting period for registered users


The “Universiday.it” contest promoted by RCS Mediagroup S.p.A. (RCS) is solely for students attending universities in Milan. The contest is for users who have registered on the Universiday.it website (“Site”) before or within the duration of the contest, and have provided the personal information requested in the registration form in a correct, true, and complete manner according to the registration procedures (“Registration”). Correct username and email address are necessary on the on-line registration form in order to participate in the contest (“Participating Users”).


Participating users can submit a creative project in one of the 5 categories proposed on the Site: music, photography, urban art, writing and videomaking (“The project”).
The project must be uploaded according to the technical conditions provided by the Site. Specifically, each project must be related to the use and the expression of the specific creative languages for each category, according to the requirements at www.universiday.it/contest, and with the methods and tools that are appropriate for the purpose. The Project must be uploaded on www.universiday.it/contest within the duration period of the contest and in the required format. RCS has the right to suspend projects if they are deemed indecorous or immoral or violate the rules of the contest (“Nonstandard project”). If a registered user uploads a video that is then rejected, it is still possible to take part in the contest by submitting another project that is consistent with the contest’s rules. All of the participating users who have uploaded a project that has been deemed acceptable according to the terms and conditions of the contest will then be added to the list for the final selection (“List of Participants”).


All registered users can express their preferences by voting for their favorite published projects from 05/06/15 to 05/20/15. The five most voted projects for each category by registered users will be included in a shortlist of the best works. In addition to this, a quality jury chosen by RCS will select from among all of the projects another 5 for each category. The 5 projects identified by the jury will be part of the final shortlist together with the 5 projects most voted by the community. For each category, the shortlist will therefore be composed of 5 projects selected by community votes and 5 projects selected by the quality jury. From these shortlists for each category, the quality jury will then indisputably identify 3 projects (for each category) whose authors will be invited to perform in the final event. According to the performances during this event, the jury will select the final winners of the contest. The Registered User who is the author of the Selected Project will have access to the awards related to the specific category, listed on www.universiday.it/contest/awards in recognition of the creation of the Selected Project (the "Award"). Recognition will be given to the Winning Participant only after:

  • (i) Verification of personal information;

  • (ii) Receiving the documents that attest to the regularity project.
RCS can use participants’ personal information in its role as data processor during the contest period, granted by the user at the time of registration. Thus, RCS may request Registered Users to send a copy of a personal identification document.

Category: Music

The winner will have the chance to record their song in a real recording studio with a professional engineer at their disposal! The piece will be subsequently aired on RCS properties.

Category: Writing

The winner will have their work published as an ebook with support from a professional editor. The ebook will be subsequently published on RCS properties.

Category: Photo

The winner will have the opportunity to do a photo shoot supported by a professional staff. Photos will be subsequently published on the RCS properties.

Category: Videomaking

The winner will have the opportunity to make a video with the support of a photographic director who will offer his precious advice.
The video will be subsequently published on RCS properties.

Category: Urban Art

The winner will have the chance to realize and show their work on a wall in the city of Milan.


Each participant is responsible for the contents of his project, and must ensure that he is the owner of the work and guarantee the ownership of all rights of use.

Effective immediately, the user participant indemnifies RCS from any responsibility for requests, also compensatory damages, which could be made for any reason by third parties in relation to the Project.


The participants grant RCS, in a non-exclusive manner both in Italy and abroad, and for the entire period of protection provided by applicable laws, the right to publish and use their projects in any form exclusively for purposes in relation to the contest.


Participation in the contest is free. The costs of the participant’s internet connection will have no additional fees applied upon registering on the Site and subsequent participation in the contest.

This contest is not considered a prize event in accordance with Art. 6 of Legislative Decree no. 430/2001.


By completing the registration, I declare that I accept the Rules and the Privacy and Cookies Policy of this initiative, that I have read the Privacy Information, and that I am an adult.

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